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Coming out (Corona Therapy 9.)

In the weeks so far in quarantine,

I haven’t yet read a single book,

I haven’t yet registered for an online painting course,

I haven’t yet cleaned all the windows (I’ve cleaned two!),

I haven’t yet got into the habit of doing sun salutations every morning,

I haven’t yet watched one single Hungarian movie,

I haven’t yet replanted the flowers,

I haven’t yet written another book,

I haven’t yet finished writing the last one,

I haven’t yet sorted the spring clothes,

I haven’t yet retrained myself for a new job,

I haven’t yet learnt how to crochet / play the piano / dance salsa from YouTube,

I haven’t yet improved my languages,

I haven’t yet made a single creative thing from the list “DIY in quarantine” (not even together with the children! So the photo is an illustration of all the object I haven’t touched in the last weeks),

I haven’t yet cooked my “when I’ll have time” recipes,

I haven’t yet had time,

I haven’t yet let go of my old habit that I don’t talk on the phone when the kids are around,

I haven’t yet had coffee on Zoom with all my girlfriends,

I haven’t yet learnt to like coffee,

I haven’t yet learnt to like wine either, even though I know it helps others relax in the evenings,

I still get up at 5, even though I read in several different places that I should use this time, when there is no rush in the morning, to get more sleep,

I haven’t yet played a board game with my husband, not a single time,

I haven’t yet lost it to the extent that I thought I would,

I haven’t yet learnt to smile and feel head-in-the-clouds-happy about having the family together non-stop, all the time,

I haven’t yet felt that I’m living up to my own expectations and to the expectations of society about the way I should be in quarantine, but it doesn’t bother me (yet?).

for the translation thanks for my brother, Mate Herner

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