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Inspired Parenting

Uplifting insights from a psychologist & mother of five

In Inspired Parenting, psychologist and mother-of-five Dorka Herner shows through practical, everyday examples how we can reflect on our own parenting and see our interactions with our children through fresh eyes.

What our children do can reveal much about ourselves as parents: if a five-year-old won't go to sleep alone, who needs evening cuddles, us or him? If we are bothered when our child is bored, is it because we view ourselves as useless unless we are ticking off tasks? If we think our children are careless, is it because we are too perfectionist?

By understanding ourselves better, we can see the nuances in how we live together as families and appreciate that our relationships can be complex. By thinking deeply and honestly, we can see more clearly how to build the type of life we want for ourselves and our children, and how to genuinely enjoy the challenges and rewards of raising them. With a down-to-earth and realistic approach, the book invites us to examine the details of parenting and learn valuable lessons about ourselves in the process.

I rather fell in love with Dorka - her down-to-earthness, her willingness to be honest about her self-doubt and self-judgment but also how she shares, in bite-size snippets, helpful insights and reflections that are small windows into a motherhood defined by imperfection, infinite love and obvious respect for her children's needs. Great solace can be found in the relatability of her writing and there's much to be learned from Dorka about communication and creating connection when we see beyond our own stories and really pay attention to what our children are showing us.

Michelle McHale, Attachment Parenting UK


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